Challenges and Coping Mechanisms of Newly Hired Teachers assigned in Far-Flung Schools in Relation to Their Performance

Keywords: Challenges, Coping, Far-Flung School, Newly-Hired Teachers


Newly-hired teachers face challenges when assigned in far-flung places due to the difficulty of transportation and accessibility in reaching the assigned schools. This study aimed to seek the challenges encountered and coping mechanisms of the newly-hired teachers in relation to their performance in the Schools Division of Himamaylan City. This effort offered an opportunity to enhancing school program plans to address teachers’ concerns assigned in the far-flung schools. The study variables included the teachers’ age, status, and length of service. Results showed that the challenges encountered by the Newly- Hired Teachers according to the areas Mode of Transportation, Physical Facilities/Water and Food Supplies, and Learning Environment/Resources were of high extent. On the level of coping mechanisms of the newly-hired teachers according to the area Mode of Transportation, it was interpreted as High Level,  while both Physical Facilities / Water and Food Supplies, and Learning Environment/Resources were of Very High Level. The level of performance of the newly-hired teachers was also Very Satisfactory. Newly-hired teachers are expected to face challenges when they are assigned in the far-flung areas. Thus, they experienced, both personal and professional coping interventions which somehow helped them to endure the situation and to survive the everyday challenges.