Value System, Motivation, and Benefits in Community Volunteerism among Stakeholders of St. Jude College-Manila

  • Ma. Cristina Mina G Dagunan St.Jude College Manila
  • Mary Ann S Dagunan Central Philippines State University
Keywords: value system, motivation, community volunteerism, stakeholders


The study aims to determine the value system, motivations, and benefits gained from community volunteerism among the stakeholders of St. Jude College-Manila using the quantitative-descriptive, comparative, and correlational research methods. A total of 566 respondents participated in the study; 10 were administrators or academic deans, 36 were full-time faculty members, and 520 were students enrolled during the Second Semester 2014-2015 in 10 different programs of the locale across year levels. The findings showed that the respondents came from all participating schools of the institution and most of the respondents have worked in the institution for five years. The school’s value system had contributed to the idea of community volunteerism, the motivational factors that influence volunteerism, and the benefits gained from participation in community volunteerism to a "moderate" and to "a great extent" among students and faculty members, respectively. Meanwhile, no significant difference was found in the extent to which the value system had contributed to community volunteerism.  There was also no significant difference in terms of the motivational factors that influenced the respondents to participate in community volunteerism observed among the respondents regardless of gender, age, educational status, disciplines, and length of service in the institution. A proposed unified and intensified program geared towards the improvement and synchronization of the community outreach program of the whole institution was recommended.