Socio-Economic Profile of Coastal Barangays in Ilog, Negros Occidental

  • Wendel A Parangal Central Philippines State University
Keywords: Social and economic profile, government projects, coastal resources


The Municipality of Ilog is considered as one of the coastal municipalities of the Province of Negros Occidental, Philippines. It has a total land area of 28,170 hectares and covers four coastal barangays with a total coastal area of 4,419.38 hectares and were recipient of mangrove rehabilitation project in 2008. These barangays barangays have a population of 15,433 with the majority depending on coastal resources. The ever-changing socio-economic profile had contributed to the past and present conditions of the coastal resources and government projects and will continue to affect their conditions in the future. Thus, the study examined the socio-economic profile of coastal barangays in the municipality of Ilog, Negros Occidental using descriptive research design by employing stratified random sampling technique in three categories of respondents such as purok officials, people’s organizations, and barangay health workers. The findings revealed that the dominant ages of the population were 31-40 and 41-50. Most of the respondents were married, male, and with an average of 3 children. Majority of their occupation were fishing and fish vending. Generally, annual family income is very. However, as to category of respondents, people’s organization respondents had the highest income. These overall results of the study may be used as basis for integral program planning of the Local Government Units of municipality of Ilog on Coastal Resource Management.