• Philippine Social Development and Resource Management Journal

    The PSDRM Journal publishes articles about resource management and conservation, biodiversity, and social and technological development in the Philippines.

    ONLINE ISSN No.: 2651-7035
    PRINT ISSN No.: 2651-7035

  • Philippine Innovative Education Journal

    The Philippine Innovative Education Journal (PIEJ) is a peer reviewed journal of Central Philippines State University which provides a forum for researchers, school administrators and teachers from within the university and among other institutions. The PIEJ aims to generate and disseminate an assemblage of knowledge on diverse content areas relevant to basic, indigenous, and higher education. Topics published include teaching strategies, classroom management, learning assessment, teacher education curriculum, technology integration, the teacher and the teaching profession, educational management, the ethical and legal aspects of teaching, pedagogical perspectives, life skills and lifelong learning, and other relevant issues confronting the educational system in the national and international settings.

    ONLINE ISSN: 2651-7019
    PRINT ISSN: 2651-7000